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Finding Your True Voice In The Styles of Your Choice

Sound Krayons Music
offers individual voice lessons and coaching sessions
for singers of all ages and levels of experience

Special attention is paid to encouraging confidence,
building performance skills and repertoire,
expression, creativity and musicianship. 

Two student recitals are performed each year, Winter and Spring.

Ongoing performance and recording opportunities
for SKMs students are available throughout the year.

Kay Pere c/o Heart&Spiral Studios, PO Box 145, Mystic, CT 06355 USA
e-mail: kay @ kaypere . com
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  • For all who sing just for the joy of it
  • For individuals planning or already active in a musical career
  • For students preparing for adjudications and auditions

Each student's course of study is custom designed around his/her individual vocal performance and career goals, with the universal objective of promoting confidence, vocal health, projection, agility, expression and skillful musicianship.

MINIMUM AGE   (No Maximum Age)

Students will be considered for voice lessons when they have reach 9-10 years of age (4th Grade).  Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  The vocal skills learned in childhood can be used even as the voice transitions through puberty.  Care is always taken to select songs appropriate for the age and experience of each student.  Kay also has experience developing the recently changed male voice.

One is NEVER TOO OLD to learn to sing!  Kay Pere works with adult beginners, as well as experienced singers who wish to care appropriately for the mature voice.  She even teaches pitch matching to students told as children that they were "tone deaf" (in reality, a very rare condition).

  • Selection:  Student and teacher selected materials are used.  Choices are based on each student's performance goals and vocal development needs.
  • Styles:  Broadway, pop, rock, jazz, folk, art songs and opera. Style specific techniques are taught.
  • Languages:  English, Italian, German, Latin and French.  Songs in languages other than English are taught phonetically, either by example or by using IPA transcriptions.  Poetic and word by word translations are provided for better communication of meaning by the singer.
  • Book List: available on Tools for Singers page
  • Technique breath control, healthy and stylistically appropriate placement of the voice.
  • Diction:  Vowel and consonant production as used to interpret songs and communicate effectively with and audience.  For students studying songs in languages other than English, instruction is available in the use of International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) transcriptions.
  • Sight-Reading:  intervals, rhythms, and basic ability to sing a simple, unaccompanied melody without having seen it before.
  • Ear Training:  interval, scale, and chord identification, echo clapping rhythmic dictation.
  • Theory:  from general identification of clefs, note names, and note values, to cadences, transposition and analysis.
  • Songwriting/Composition Students who are interested in developing their own original material are strongly encouraged to do so!  Assistance and instruction will be provided if requested. (Kay Pere, an award winning songwriter, has studied songwriting at Berklee College of Music in Boston, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Connecticut Songwriters Association.  Her debut CD Even Better Than Chocolate was released in 2005.)
  • Live Performance & Studio Recording Skills vocal projection without a microphone, use of a microphone in performance and recording studio, selection of repertoire for a specific audience or event, audition skills, and creating a demo tape/CD.
  • Participation  All students are encouraged to participate.
  • Recital Repertoire  Performers present 2-3 songs in contrasting styles.  Most participants will perform at least one song in a language other than English.  All selections are presented from memory.
  • Accompanist  A professional accompanist is hired for recitals.  This provides students with the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to rehearse and perform with professional accompanist.  Students who are able may choose to accompany themselves on piano or guitar for one of their selections.
  • Audience  The audience at Sound Krayons' student recitals consists of friends, family and members of the community.  Audience participation in sing-alongs lead by students has become a traditional part of Sound Krayons Music recitals.
  • Tickets  Each student receives 2 complementary tickets.  Additional Tickets are $5 each, available in advance or at the door.

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CONTACT: Kay Pere c/o Heart&Spiral Studios, PO Box 145, Mystic, CT 06355 USA
e-mail: kay @ kaypere . com
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